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Analysis on the differences and benefits of green glass and double glazing

Jan 14, 2017

Green advantage of insulating glass is to use reflective coating and method of improving the composition of glass, allowing visible light from the sun into the compartment, blocking part of the ultraviolet and infrared. So as to reduce the heating effect inside, improving comfort.

Double insulated glass has the advantage on the basis of green glass, joined silver in the double glass sandwich film, greatly increasing the amount of infrared reflection, improving insulation, to provide customers with the former even better comfort.

Car air conditioning in hot summer exposure mainly overcome by heat is the Sun, especially the infra-red radiation, and double insulated glass can effectively reduce this effect, reducing the air conditioning load, a significant economy. Anti-UV addition is double-insulated glass is very strong. Ultraviolet rays are extremely harmful for the skin and plastic trim, and not the details again here, double insulated glass filters nearly 100% of UV light.

Double glazing as were two pieces of glass, greatly increasing the rigidity of glass provides a high level of safety, reducing the risk of burglar robbed. While it is especially in the event of accidental impact, broken pieces of glass adhesion on a sandwich in the Middle, will effectively reduce secondary victimization of the glass passenger. In addition, a comfortable temperature is an important safety factor.