Black,Grey Color Glass Fiber Window Screen

Glass Fiber Window Screen enjoys graceful and generous appearance, suitable for all sorts of airy in salvation and preventing insect and mosquito. It's widely used in construction, orchard, ranch etc as screening, fences or enclosure materials.

Product Details


(1)long service life.

(2)excellent weather resistance, anti aging.

(3)anti-cold, anti-heat, anti-dry and moisture-resistant,flame retardant.

(4)anti-static,static-free,light is good, not channeling wire, deformation UV, tensile strength.

(5)Green Environmental friendly,beautiful shape, well structured.

Black,Grey ,White ,Green Color Glass Fiber Window Screen.

The plain weaving fiberglass insect screen is made of glass fiber by the means of filament plastic-coating process. Plain weaving and high temperature-fixing. Is ensure the longtime using and anti-corrosive resistance, stable shape. The popular colors is grey and black, is more comfortable and natural to use. 

Our products is mainly used in the door&window. 

According to the hardness and application, it can be divide to stiff insect screen and soft insect screen, the stiff fiberglass insect screen can be used in the folding window screen. Opening door, sliding door, free/fix plisse horizontal screen, the soft fiberglass insect screen used for the fixing window screen/door. Aluminum frame window screen.fix frames and the hinged doors. We can ensure the quality, and tailor the window screen according your window/door size. Glass Fiber Window Screen.

Our maximum length can be 300meters. That could be satisfy the factory that making retractable window frame to tailor suitable size. and no tailored point. Easy to transport. There‚Äôs one more useful feature of Our Fiberglass insect screen is fire-resistant, to ensure the house fire safety, the fire must be burn out within 3-5seconds. 

Glass Fiber Window Screen Company Information

a. more than 150 employees

b. 100 sets of woven machines

c. covers an area of 20000 square meters

d. 8 sets of PVC fiberglass yarn production line

e. 3 sets warping machine and 1 set high-end steam setting machine

f. The output of glass fiber fabric is 150million square meters one month, glass fiber yarn is 1800 tons

Product Description of Glass Fiber Window Screen:

Material : 33%fiberglass + 66%PVC +1%others

Standard gross weight : 120g/m2

Standard mesh size : 18x16mesh

Mesh : 16x18,18x18,20x20,12x12,14x14 ,18x20, 15x17 etc

Weight:85g, 90g, 100g, 110g 115g 120g 130g 140g 145g, as to your demand

Available width : 0.6m,0.7m,0.9m,1.0m,1.2m,1.5m,1.8m,2.4m,2.6m,2.7m

Availble roll length : 25m,30m,45m,50m,180m.

Popular color : black,white,gray,gray/white,green,blue etc.

Characteristics : Fire-proof,ventilate,ultraviolet,easy cleaning, environmental protection

Usage : all sorts of airy installation preventing insects and mosquitoes in construction,orchard,ranch window or doors.

Product photo of fiberglass window screen

Advantages we have 

  1. Skilled and experienced workers 

  2. Perfect processing capabilities including weaving, cutting, fixing, and additional fabrication expertise

  3. Better engineering, tighter tolerances, better prices, shorter lead times

  4. Better value, quicker turnarounds, flexibility in options.

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Production Processing of Glass Fiber Window Screen


Finished Production of Glass Fiber Window Screen.


Production scenario of Glass Fiber Window Screen


Packing & shipping of Glass Fiber Window Screen:

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