Online Coated Reflective Glass

Online coated reflective glass has relative reasonable price comparing with offline coated reflective glass, it offers also good function on energy saving. As a good choice to make the insulated glass, the online coated reflective glass has its own advantage based on basic cost.

Product Details

Online coatings

The online coated reflective glass is  made by applying Online coatings directly to glass during production, before the glass is cooled. The coating is applied by vaporising a chemical compound over the semi-molten glass. 

The online process, known as CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition) is the more traditional form of applying coatings but the process cannot be used for applying all types of compounds. Another problem with the traditional form of online coating is that it cannot be applied with the same precision possible in the latest offline processes. The metallic layers in online coated glass are therefore thicker which gives the finished glass a slight tint - making white curtains, or white Georgian bars, appear grey. 

The online coating process can also cause small indentations on the surface of the glass before it sets, which gives doucle glazing window a ‘hazy’ or dusty looking appearance. 

Online coatings are, however, highly durable and especially suitable for use where coatings are positioned on face 1 (the exterior facing outside pane) – such as for self-cleaning glass.


The online coated reflective glass could be used for curtain walls, windows, interior glass screens, shop display windows, showcase, display shelves, etc.