Offline Coated Reflective Glass

offline reflective glass is the best choice for production of energy-saving glass. It is widely used in making of insulated glass. The glass could also be used independently as building glass, the variaty of its color helps to provide different choices for the design and outlooking of the building.

Product Details

Offline coatings

Offline coatings are added after the basic float (or annealed) glass has been manufactured and cut. 

Offline coatings were previously considered less resistant but latest techniques now use a magnetron coater which results in an exceptionally durable coating, which can even be heat treated for toughening. 

The magnetron coater uses a technique known as sputtering to apply layers of metal oxide to the glass under vacuum conditions. This offline process allows a much wider range of formulas to be used, including those with reflective properties needed for solar protection and the most energy effective forms of Low E glass. The result is a microscopically thin layer of coating which gives the glass superior clarity and transparency. 

Below is a comparison of two Low E glasses – one which has been manufactured online and one using the offline magnetron coater process. You will see that the offline coated glass has a much more neutral, transparent appearance. 

All offline coatings are produced on a magnetron coater. It is the developments in the coatings which makes them more durable.