Grey Reflective Glass

Qingdao Brilliant reflective glass provides excellent performance in situations where temperature separation is desired. Our reflective glass is used to help meet energy efficiency requirements by blocking UV light and providing heat insulation. This is done with a special thin-film metallic or oxide coating which prevents the passage of short-wave solar energy into a building and also prevents long-wave energy produced by heating systems and lighting from escaping outside.

Product Details


Our reflective glass is a hard-coated architectural glass with a medium-performance reflective coating. Ideal for a variety of commercial buildings, our reflective glass is an attractive choice when a reflective appearance is part of the architectural vision. This innovative glass combines a beautiful reflective appearance with excellent solar control properties. Available in Clear, Green, Grey, Bronze, and Blue substrate colors, our reflective glass is also offered in a range of thicknesses to meet a spectrum of architectural and performance needs. We offers three coating options: Classic (amber look), Supersilver (silvered look), and Silverlight (bluish look). The reflective glass offers architects a highly customized look. It can be used monolithically, or combined with other glass products as part of an insulating glass unit to deliver custom-tailored energy performance that meets specific regional needs. 


 • High reflectivity for privacy and visual comfort

 • Outstanding flexibility—customers can select from multiple combinations of solar-control and light-transmission levels, as well as a variety of colors

 • Durable hard coating means worry-free handling, stacking, storage, and transportation 

 • Can be heat-treated, laminated, bent, or otherwise processed—just as traditional float glass 

 • Can be combined with other AGC products to deliver specialized performance and design effects