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Reflective Glass:

-High Performance Solar Control Glass

On-line Coated Reflective Glass is a solar control glass that has been carefully designed to meet the twin requirements of architects- the functional and the aesthetic. It is produced by using CVD technology(chemical vapor deposition)that creates a perfect uniform layer of metal oxide chemically bonded to the surface of the glass. The coating imparts a “mirror-like”facade to the Reflective Glass, giving it visual appeal while providing functional benefits like solar control and glare reduction. As this hard chemical layer is fully bonded to the glass, the glass can be cut, bent, tempered, heat strengthened and laminated without affecting the coating.


Reflective Glass is available in a range of performances to meet most environmental requirements in terms of solar control, thermal comfort and energy conservation. It is an exterior glass which is manufactured to meet the most exacting standards in order to deliver high performance with ease in processing.



-Solar Control: This glass reflects a large proportion of the solar radiation, thereby restricting the heat gain inside the building.

-Superior Visual Comfort: Reflects away the right quantum of daylight so as to limit glare, while allowing adequate amount of natural light.

-Ease in processing: It can be processed like normal float glass

-Superior durability: High wear and superior scratch resistance.




--Commercial and civil buildings.


--Interior decoration and show windows.

--Apartment blocks



China GB/T18915.1-2002;  Europe EN 572.


3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, etc.


Bronze, Dark Bronze, Euro Grey, Dark Grey, French Green, Dark Green, Ford Blue, Dark Blue, Black, Pink etc.


1524x2134mm, 1220x1830mm, 1830x2440mm, 2140x3300mm, 2134x3300mm, 2250x3300mm, 2134x3660mm, 2440x3660mm etc. can be produced according to client’s request


Strong wood cases suitable for sea and land transportation


In two weeks after order confirmation