Acid Etched Art Glass

The acid etched art glass is a range of semi-transparent Automobile grade glass used mainly for interior profiles where privacy and light control are a factor. The finger print free deep acid etched glass offers a wealth of opportunities to architect & interior designers.

Product Details

The designs of the acid etched art glass created are uniformly smooth and silky to the touch, translucent and matte in appearance. Deep acid etched glass creates a translucent appearance while maintaining a high level of light transmittance.


• High value in appearance
• Consistent finish on both sides
• Creates excellent privacy
• Natural light diffusion
• Low Reflectance
• Privacy/Light Control


1. Translucency is determined by the structure and design

2. Ideal for interior decorative application requiring a certain degree of privacy
3. Can be thermally toughened or structured in double glazing units depending on the design and thickness

Application Areas

• Decorative surfaces
• Furniture cladding and caseload surfaces
• Staircases and railings
• Partitions
• Office enclosures
• Shower and bath enclosures
• Interior and exterior Doors.

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