19mm Clear Float Glass

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Product Details


  • Distortion Free: 100% distortion free due to precise surface flatness and high quality.

  • Clarity of vision: our clear float glass provides perfect clarity of vision through crystal clear finish.

  • Sparkling surface: our cler float glass exudes a sparkling and brilliant luster, it can resist scratches dust and dirt and is easier to clean.

  • Processing: all processing techniques can be done easily on our clear float glass: insulation, glazing, lamination, thermal toughening, enameling, silk screen priting, sand blasting, acid-etching and bending, etc.

Loading & packing

we have professional loading crew and special loading machine to assure every details will be fine during the loading. We use strong wooden or plywood crates as packing materials for the glass sheets, paper or powder as interlayer between the sheets, enough desiccative are put into the crates and containers to keep the glass dry during the long transportation.