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QINGDAO BRILLIANT GLASS CO., LTD.is a leading manufacturer and exporter of glass which is specialized in glass producing and exporting, and has satisfied the discerning global clients for more than 15 years. Now our company is supplying high quality glass to more than 50 countries on 5 continents. Our fabrication abilities include bevels specified by width, flat & bent, annealed tempered, polished edges, hole drilling, notch cutting, grooving, pattern cutting, cut outs, ground finger pulls, and more. Sheet Glass,Float Glass,Reflective Glass,Silver Mirror...

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The Difference Between Silver Mirror And Alum...From the appearance,we can find that they looks very similar.But from the materials cost,silver mirror is a quite higher than aluminum mirror,and the making process is also quite complex.We can say that the price and quality are different.